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Try the first 50 levels of a new brain-busting puzzle game for free!
This is the "light" version of Prism. For the full version with 100 puzzles, online leaderboards, a level editor and a virtually endless supply of user created online puzzles to play, please buy the full version of Prism.
Test your wits against 100 laser based puzzles! Use mirrors, prisms, color filters, black holes, wormholes and more to tackle some of the most brain-busting puzzles that Dr Optik has to offer.
With multiple solutions for each level and a worldwide top score, you can compete amongst other players for top honors.
When you've run out of puzzles to play from the main game, be sure to check out the user generated puzzles area to continue playing ad infinitum! (FULL VERSION ONLY)
Needless to say, a level editor is included, so you can create your own puzzles and share them with the world. (FULL VERSION ONLY)
Enjoy! And be sure to clear your schedule while you attempt to get past some of these head-scratchers... and if you're having trouble, check out the Hints section on

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Size: 1.50 MB

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Price: Free

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Publisher: Shadowpuppets

Release Date: 2011-08-31

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